Will Alexis Sanchez leave Arsenal in the next three years?


The Gunners have been in the Champions League for a long time, but they haven’t won the trophy for a few years. The team is in a bad shape, and it can’’ t be said that the players are motivated to win the coveted trophy.
The team’s results in the domestic arena are also not good. The Gunners are in the middle of the standings, but the team is not in a good shape.
However, the team has a good lineup, and the players have a chance to show their best game. It is clear that the team needs to improve its results in order to be able to fight for the title.

The main problem of the team in the current season is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of the constant pressure, and they want to win gold medals.
In the current campaign, the Gunners were very close to the Champions title. However, the main rival of the club was Manchester City. The Citizens won the title in the previous season, but it was not enough for the team to win a place in the top-4.
This time, the Citizens are in a better shape, but Arsenal is still far from the top. The club needs to strengthen its lineup in order for it to be in a position to fight against the Citizens.
Arsenal’ players’ performance in the EPL
In recent years, the English Premier League has become one of the most intense competitions in the world. The clubs from the English championship are considered the best in the continent.
At the end of the season, the Premier League is a real battle for the gold medals, and this is reflected in the results of the clubs. The main contenders for the victory are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United.
All the teams have a good chance to win, but there is one team that is always in the leading position. That team is Arsenal.
Of course, the club is not the only contender for the champion title, but in recent years it has been able to take the lead. The current season has shown that the Gunner’ s lineup is not as good as it was a few seasons ago.
Also, the players” performance in matches against the main contenders is not very good. This is why the team can”t compete with the leaders in the standings.
What is the main problem for Arsenal in EPL?
The Arsenal players are not in the best shape in the English Championship. The squad is not able to perform at the highest level.
It is clear from the start of the current championship that the club needs a serious change. The first problem is the transfer policy. The Arsenal players have to buy good players, but this is not always possible.
Many players are injured, and there are no replacements for them. The situation is even worse when it comes to the transfers.
As a result, the Arsenal players can“t buy good football players. They have to spend money on the best players, and that is not possible. That is why many players are leaving the club.
There are also rumors that the Arsenal will sell its star players, which will be a bad decision for the club and for the fans.
Who will leave the Gun?
There is no doubt that the main candidate for the departure of the Gun is Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean player is one of Arsenal’ leaders, and he is a key player of the squad.
Sanchez has already left the club, and his departure will be the last one of its kind. He has already been replaced by the young player, Granada.
Granada is a good player, and she is able to replace Sanchez in the starting lineup. The player is able not only to provide the ball to the team leaders, but she is also able to make herself useful in the attack.
She is able, for example, to score goals. She is a player that can be called a true star of the EFL.
Alexis Sanchez’ future at the club
The Chilean player has been at the Emirates for several years already. He is a main star of Arsenal, and many people consider him to be the best player of his generation.
He is able and willing to do his best in every match, and if he is not playing, then the team will be able not to lose.
After the departure, the player will become a free agent. The most likely destination of the player is Barcelona. The Catalans are a club that is able win the Champions league, and Sanchez is a part of the main squad of the Spanish team.
Barcelona is one the main rivals of Arsenal in England, and a transfer of the Chilean player to the Catalan club will be an excellent decision.
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