Manchester City’s midfielder Yaya Toure wants to leave the club


Manchester City’s midfielder Yaya Toure wants to leave the club, but will not be able to do so. The Frenchman has already played for the Citizens for several seasons, but the club’s management is not ready to let him leave.
In order to understand the situation better, it is worth to watch the video interview with the player.
The Frenchman has a very good understanding of the English language. He is able to explain the situation in the team in a simple and clear manner. The interview was held in the context of the Champions League, and the player was asked about the team’s chances of winning the tournament.
“It’s really difficult to win the Champions’ League, but we are in a very strong position. We have the strongest lineup in the tournament, and we are also playing really well. The main thing is to not lose points, because if we do, we will have no chance of winning. The team is really motivated, and everyone is ready to fight until the last second. We are confident about the outcome of the match, and it is really difficult for us to win, but it’s not impossible. We will do our best, and if we win, it will be a great result for the club and for ourselves. We want to win this tournament, but if we lose, we won’t be able do it. We can’t afford to lose points in the Champions league, because we are already behind the leaders. We need to win it, but not at the cost of the result. We won’t be able win the tournament if we don’’”t win the Europa League, as well as the League Cup. We’ll have to be really focused and really motivated in order to win all the tournaments we want to do. We know that it’s really difficult, but this is what we are working for. We just need to show the best game in every match, which we are doing. We hope to win every match we play, and that’s why we are really confident about our chances of getting into the Champions’ League zone.”
Yaya Toupere also talked about the future of the team, and how the management has already started to make transfers. The player has already been offered a new contract, but he wants to stay at the club.
“I want to stay here,” he said. “I am a true professional, and I want to show my best game. It’d be great if we can win the next trophy, but I am confident that we will get into the Europa or the League. We all want to play in the Premier League, because it”s the best in the world.’
The club’ s management understands the situation, and they are trying to find a solution. The club”ll have a new coach in the summer, and there is a good chance that the team will be able not only to get into Europe, but also to win gold medals.
You can always follow the latest news on the team on the official website of the club:
The website is updated regularly, and you can always find the latest information on the performance of the players on the homepage.

You will also find the schedule of the matches on the website, as the club will play against Barcelona in the next round.
However, the club is not going to give up on the player, because the player is a very important part of the squad. The problem is that the club“s management doesn’ t want to let the player leave, but they are not able to find an agreement with the Frenchman.
If the player wants to continue his career, he will have to find another club that will let him play. The situation is not very easy for the player right now, because he is not in the best condition. The injury he suffered at the end of the season has affected his performance, and he is still not 100%.
The situation is even worse for the Frenchman, because his contract with the club ends in the winter. The management of the Catalan club is trying to make a transfer, but there is no chance for the team to get a new star player. The only option for the management is to find the solution for the situation.
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Despite the fact that the current season of Real Madrid has been quite successful for the Royal Club, it has not yet managed to win a trophy. The previous season, the team managed to get to the Champions Cup final, but lost to Barcelona.
This time, the Royal club is in a good shape, and is in the leading position of the standings. However, it still needs to win several important matches in order for its fans to believe that the Royal team is able of winning gold medals again.
Real Madrid’ has a good lineup, but sometimes it is not able fight for the victory.

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