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Manchester City are ready to make a transfer of the highest value, and the club’s head coach, Roberto Mancini, has already begun to make transfers.

The club”s main transfer target is the goalkeeper, who is a key player in the team’ position. The new goalkeeper, David de Gea, has been with the team for a few years now, and he is considered a key figure in the club.
In the summer, the club made a number of transfers, which will be a great help to the team in the future. Among them are:
* James Milner;
* Nicolas Otamendi;

* Keylor Navas.
The first two of them are already used to the Premier League, while the last one has already played in the Champions League.
It is worth noting that the club has already made a few transfers, and they are already working. The main transfer of Mancinni is the acquisition of the Spanish goalkeeper, which is a great addition to the squad.
Manchester United are also interested in the goalkeeper. The club has a long-term contract with the goalkeeper and it is expected that the new goalkeeper will be able to help the team.
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Football transfers in the summer transfer window
The transfer window is now in full swing, and it has already become much easier to follow the changes in the football world.
This season, Manchester United has a lot of interesting transfers, as it is obvious from the following list:
1. James MilNERD. The goalkeeper was the main transfer in the winter transfer window, and now the club is ready to spend money on him.
2. KeylOR. The player has already been playing in the Premier league for several seasons. He is a good goalkeeper, and his performance is quite good.
3. Navas, who has already managed to establish himself in the starting lineup.
4. OtamB. The midfielder has already shown his potential, and this summer he will try to prove that he is ready for the Champions league.
5. De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper has already proved that he can play in the top league of the Old Continent.
All these transfers will help the club in the long run, and fans can always count on the performance of the team during the season.
Will the team of Matic be able not only to compete for the title, but also to win it?
The main goal of the club this season is to win the Premier club championship, and Matic is ready not only for this, but for the fight for the main trophy of the Champions.
If the team manages to achieve this, it will be one of the most successful seasons in its history, and we will see the results of this in the near future.
Main transfers of the summer
The new season of the English Premier league is already in full flow, and there are a lot more interesting transfers. The most interesting of them is the transfer of Manchester United.
Among the main transfers of Manchester City, the main one is the signing of James Milners. The young goalkeeper has been playing for the club for several years, and has already proven that he has potential.
Milner is a very good goalkeeper who can not only save the ball, but can also make a good pass to the forward.
He is a young goalkeeper, but he has already showed that he will not stop at this, and will try his best to become a great goalkeeper.
New goalkeeper, Keylors Navas is another player who will be an excellent addition to Manchester City.
At the beginning of the season, the team was very weak, and Navas has already started to help his team. The team is ready now to spend a lot on the goalkeeper to improve the situation.
Another transfer that will help Manchester City is the purchase of the goalkeeper of Spanish La Liga, Keilor Navars. The newcomer has already demonstrated his potential and is ready at any time to do his best.
There is a lot to look forward to in the season of English Premier, and all the fans can do is to follow their livescores.
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What are the main goals of Manchester united?
In general, the Manchester United is one of England’ Premier league’ clubs, and its main goal is to compete in the championship. The current season is the third of the current campaign, and so far, the players have not managed to achieve their goals.
However, the new season promises to be a lot better, as the team has a good chance to win its first trophy.
One of the main reasons for this is the lack of motivation of the players. The previous season, it was obvious that the team did not have enough motivation, and many players left the team, which affected the results.
Now, the situation is much better, and Manchester United looks like a real contender for the championship, which can be seen from the fact that the players are ready for any challenge.

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