Xhaka is a great player and he is a must buy for Arsenal


Xhaka is a great player and he is a must buy for Arsenal fans.
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The team has a lot of interesting players, but the most important one is the young player of the club, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The player is a very good player, who is able to score a lot and create many chances for his team-mates.
The player has already scored a lot, but he still needs to improve his game. He is also a very nice person, who always does his best.
Arsenal’s Prospects in the New Season
The new season of the English Premier League will be very interesting for the fans, because the teams of the top division will be quite different.
This is especially true for the Arsenal, who will have to fight for the title against Manchester City and Liverpool. The Gunners have a lot to prove, because they have lost a lot in the last few seasons, and they are still not in the best shape.
However, the team is in a good shape, because it has the following players:
1. Good selection of players.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Good management.
4. Good results.
All this together will allow the team to fight against the main favorites of the season.
In the new season, the Gunners will have a great opportunity to fight in the fight for gold medals.
Live Results of the Premier League Matches
The English Premier league is a real test for the Gunner, because there are many strong teams, who are able to beat the team of the Gunnarsson.
It is very important for the team not to lose points, because this will be a real problem for them.
Now, the fans can follow the live results of the matches of the EPL on the sports statistics website. Here, they can find the statistics of the games of the teams from all over the world.
Of course, the main favorite of the new Premier League season is the Gunns, but there are also other strong teams.
Manchester United is one of the main contenders for the champion title. The team has many interesting players. Among them, we can highlight:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;

* De Gea.
These players are able not only to score goals, but also to create a lot.
As for the rivals of the Red Devils, we should mention:
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea;

• Tottenham.
Each of these teams is able fight for a place in the top 4.
New EPL Season is Interesting
The Premier League is a serious competition for the places in the Champions League zone, and the Gunnars have a good chance of getting into the top-4.
There are a lot more matches ahead, so the Gunni fans can expect to see a lot new and interesting things.
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Main Favorites of the New EPL
The main favorites in the new EPL season are:
· Manchester United;
· Liverpool;
· Chelsea.
If the Gunnes lose points in matches against these teams, then it will be really difficult for them to get into the Champions league zone.
English Premier league table is a really serious competition, because many teams are trying to get to the Champions club.
At the moment, the top four are Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.
City has a good lineup, and it is able not to get tired. The main rival of the Citizens is Tottenham. The Spurs are able fight against them, because their lineup is good, too.
Chelsea has a really good lineup. The players of the team are able score a goal almost every match.
Liverpool is a team that is able get into top 4, because of the following reasons:
● Good selection;
● Strong teamwork;
● Good management;
These factors together will help the team get into a higher position.
Fans can follow all the results of Premier league matches on the site of sports analytics. Here they will find the results not only of the confrontations between the teams, but even of matches between the best players of each team.
Latest Results of Premier League Games
The EPL is a competition for places in a higher division of the European football. The table of the premier league is really serious, because in the current season, many teams have a chance to get in the elite.
Among the main competitors of the Reds, we have to mention: Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham. All these teams have many interesting and talented players. However, the most interesting for fans is the Arsenal. The club has a great lineup, which is able score goals almost every time.
Due to this, the club is able win the most matches. The fans can always follow the latest results of Arsenal matches on our website.
Team’ Goals in Premier League
The Gunners are a team of young players, who have already won many trophies. However they have a really hard time in the Premier league.
Many of them have already lost points in the matches against the top teams. This is a problem for the club.

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