New deal is not the only reason for Isco’s good form lately


After the first half of the season, many people expected that the Spanish player would not be able to repeat the success of Lionel Messi. However, Isco has managed to surprise everyone, and this is the main reason for his good results.

The player has already scored a lot of goals, and now he is able to distribute them among different players. This is the best form of the player, and the main thing is that he is not tired of playing.
Isco is a player who is able not only to distribute the ball, but also to attack the opponent. This allows him to score a lot, and it is exactly this that makes him so interesting for the fans.
However, the main problem of the Spanish midfielder is the fact that he does not have a contract with Real Madrid. It is obvious that the club is not interested in signing the player for a long time, so it is very important for him to find a new club that will allow him to win the title.
The main advantage of the club that Isco wants to play for is the high level of the team. It has already won the Champions League, and they have a good chance to win it again.
It is also worth noting that the team has a good bench, so the player can choose his partners at any time. This will allow the player to show his maximum in the field.
You can always follow the results of the Madrid team on the sports statistics website. It will help you to not miss anything important.
Who will be the main contenders for the title of La Liga?
The current season of the Champions Cup is very interesting, and there are a lot to choose from. The main contender for the victory in the tournament is Barcelona, and many people are already expecting a positive result from the team this time.
This season, Lionel Messi has already managed to score the most goals, so he is the most important player of the Barcelona team. However the club also has a number of other players who are able to contribute to the victory.
Among them are:
* Sergio Busquets;
* Jordi Alba;
* Sergio Busquet.
These players are able not to score many goals, but they are able also to make the score of the match go in their favor.
Messi has already made the most appearances of the current season, so there is a high probability that he will be able not just to score, but to distribute as well.
Barcelona has a great bench, and even the number of players who can be called the main competitors for the trophy is small. The team has already reached the semifinals of the tournament, so they will have to fight for the gold medals.
Will Messi be able in the next season to repeat his success?
This summer, Barcelona has signed a lot new players, and among them are a number that are able now to help the team in the future.
* Pablo Sarabia, who has already become a good substitute for Messi.
Sarabia has a very good game, and he is capable of scoring a lot.
Also, the club has a lot experience in the Champions’ Cup, so this tournament is very suitable for the team, as well as the club can demonstrate its strength.
Another important player is Gerard Piquet, who is a good goalkeeper. This player has also become a substitute for Lionel Messi, so his performance in the team is also important.
In the next year, the team will have a lot more players, so we can expect a lot changes in the lineup, and we can also expect to see a lot better results from Barcelona.
What are the main rivals of Barcelona?
There are many clubs that are capable of challenging Barcelona, but the main ones are: ​​
* ​​Real Madrid;
​* ​Atletico;
 * ​Barcelona.
Each of them has a different style of playing, and each of them is able now not only of scoring, but of distributing the ball as well, too.
In addition, the clubs have a great number of stars, so even the weakest players of the teams can make a difference.
One of the main advantages of the clubs that they have is the ability to buy players.
Real Madrid is the club with the most expensive purchases, and at the moment the team does not look like a real contender for any trophy.
Atletico has a few stars, but it is not clear whether the club will be capable of competing with the Spanish team.
On the other hand, Barcelona is the team that has the best lineup, so every player of this team can be considered as a rival for the Spanish club.
Of course, the current campaign of the Catalan club will not be easy, but there are many other strong clubs that can challenge the Spanish one in the long run.
How to follow the Spanish football results?
It has already been a long season, and fans of the national team are eagerly waiting for the results from the current tournament.
Many people are expecting a good result from Spain, and in the first round, it seemed that the national squad was able to take the lead.
After that, the Spanish players were able to get the victory, and so far, they have not stopped.

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