Mourinho willing to spend 100 million on star strikers


The summer transfer window is in full swing, and the main news is the arrival of new stars in the national team. The main star of the team is Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Juventus from Real Madrid. The Portuguese has already scored a lot of goals for the team, but he needs to prove himself in the international arena.

The transfer window also brings a lot new players to the national teams, and it is important to note that the transfer market is quite active. The transfer of Eden Hazard from Chelsea to the Netherlands national team has already gained momentum. The Belgian striker has already managed to score a lot, and now he will be able to show his skills in the European Championship.
At the moment, the Netherlands are in the middle of the group stage, so they need to be ready to play at least two matches against the teams from the lower part of the standings. The Dutch national team is a team that can surprise the world, and Mourinho has a lot to show in the coming season.
The Portuguese coach has already shown his interest in signing a new star, and he is ready to spend a lot on the acquisition of a new striker. The player is Cristian Tello, a player who has already impressed the Portuguese coach. The Spanish player has already played for the national squad, and his performance in the matches with the Netherlands and Portugal has already pleased the Portuguese.
Tello has a contract with Chelsea, and this will be a good opportunity for the club to get rid of the player. The club can also buy the player, but the price will be high. The cost of the transfer is 100 million euros, which is a lot for a player of Tello’s status.
However, the player has a good future ahead of him, and there is a good chance that he will become a good addition to the Dutch national squad. The team will need to play in the Champions League, and Tello will be an excellent addition to this lineup.
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Main transfer news of the season
The season of the Champions league is in the last rounds, and already the main transfer news is coming from the top clubs. Manchester United have acquired the young Spanish player, and they are ready to use him in the team.
Lionel Messi and his family have decided to move to the United. The Argentinean has already won the Champions cup, and in the future he will try to win the most prestigious club trophy. The new club will be the main rival of Manchester United in the fight for the title.
It is important for the Red Devils to strengthen the midfield, because the team has a long bench. The acquisition of the young player will allow the club not to miss a single match of the champion cup.
Messi is a player that is capable of scoring a lot and will be very useful for the United in their struggle for gold medals. The Red Devils have a long list of players that they need for the championship, and Messi is one of them.
United is ready for the transfer of the Spanish player. They have already signed the player for 100 million, but they want to buy him for a higher price. The price of the acquisition is 100 thousand euros, and Lionel Messi is a perfect candidate for the deal.
Manchester United is a club that is ready not to lose points in the championship. The young player can become a great addition to their lineup, and with this acquisition, the club will get rid off the pressure of the fight against Liverpool and Manchester City.
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In the current season, the Red devils have a tough fight against the Liverpool. The Anfield club has a large number of players, and Manchester United is ready with the new acquisition. The English team has many players who are capable of playing in the midfield.
This season, it is very important for Manchester United to strengthen their defense. The Reds have many players in the field, and if the team does not have a good lineup, it can be very dangerous.
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Liverpool is a strong team, and its players are capable to win gold medals in the tournament. The Merseysiders have a large bench, and many players can be replaced in a match. The Manchester United will have to play with the Liverpool in the next season, and we can expect a lot from the team of the Red and Blue.
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All the latest football news on the fscores website
The football season is in its final stage, and all the teams are trying to win a place in the top 4. The season is very interesting, and even the best teams can not always win the title, because many factors can affect the final result.

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