Liverpool: Klopp considering move for Bundesliga ace


The German coach is aware that the transfer market is becoming more active and that the club has to strengthen the positions where the team needs to improve.
The main problem for Dortmund is the lack of a suitable replacement for Robert Lewandowski. The Polish striker is a key player for the team, but he is not able to score a lot of goals, which is the main problem of the club.
In the summer, the club bought Lukas Pischek from Borussia Dortmund, but the cost of the deal is not that high. The German club also managed to get a good replacement for the injured Robert Lewandowska.
However, the situation in the team is not very bright, because the club is not in the best shape. The main goal of the new coach is to get the team into the Champions League zone.

Liverpool: Premier League table in full
The Merseysiders have a lot to play for this season, because they have a good chance to get into the European zone. The team is in the middle of the standings, which means that it is still possible to get to the Champions league zone. Liverpool is in a good shape, because it has a good selection of players in each of the lines.
This season, the team has already managed to win the EPL title, which was a real achievement for the club, which had not won the title for a long time. The following matches will be extremely interesting for the fans, because Liverpool is fighting for the title and for the places in the Champions club tournament.
Team’s chances of winning the title
The team has a lot at stake, because this season it will be very difficult to get out of the middle. The Merseysides have already won the Europa League, so they are not going to give up the title easily.
It is very important for the Liverpool team to win at Anfield, because there is a high probability that the team will be able to get more than one point from every match. The EPL table is very interesting, because in the last few seasons, the Merseyside team has not been able to win in the first half of the season.
Now, the Reds are in a very good shape. They have a great selection of performers in each line, which allows the team to play with a high level.
You can always follow the results of the team on the website of sports statistics. The website provides information on the results, positions in the standings and other important information.
Bundesliga table
The season of the German championship is very busy, because many teams are fighting for places in Europe. Bayern is the most likely candidate to get in the elite zone, because of the good results of Borussia.
Bayern has a very busy season, as it will face a lot from the top clubs. The club has already won several trophies, so it is very confident about the results.
Many people are surprised by the fact that the Bavarians are not in a better shape than the main contenders for the champion title. The season has already ended, so the team still has a long way to go.
Despite the fact, that the season is already in the home stretch, the Bayern team has good chances of getting into the elite. The players are in the strongest shape in the season, so there is no doubt that the results will be better than expected.
Live football results of Bundesliga teams
The Bundesliga is the strongest division in Germany, because several teams fight for the championship. Bayern Munich is the team that has the best chance of getting to the elite, because other teams are not strong enough to challenge the Bavarian club. The current season of Bayern is quite busy, but there are no problems with the results at the moment.
One of the main problems of the Munich team is the poor selection of the performers in the line. The leaders of the squad are not able of performing at the highest level, which affects the results negatively.
At the moment, the Bavaria team is fighting with Borussia, but it is not a good fight. The Borussia team is a good team, and it is able to fight for victory. The situation in Munich is quite simple, because Bayern has a great lineup, which can be used to its full extent.
Follow the Bundesliga results on the sports statistics website, where you will always find the latest information. The information on this website is updated in real time, which makes it possible to follow the development of events in the game.
Main results of English Premier League
The current season is very rich in events, because a lot has changed in the Premier League. Manchester City is the current champion, but many people are not so sure about the progress of the Citizens.
Manchester City is a strong team, which has a high chance of winning at the end of the championship, because its rivals are not as strong. The Citizens have a large number of players who can be called leaders.
Among the main competitors of the City, the Liverpool is the best, because Klopp’ football team is able of playing with a good level. The Reds have a number of leaders who can make a difference in the final result of the tournament. The City has a number too, but they are unable to compete with the Reds.

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