He is just a piece in Barca’s puzzle – Messi on Neymar


Barcelona have been trying to sign Neymar for a long time, but the Brazilian has always refused to leave the club. Now, the Catalans are trying to get him for a reasonable price.
Barca have already signed a number of players for the upcoming transfer window, but they are not the main priority.
Neymar is the main player that the club is interested in. The Brazilian has already scored a number goals for the club and he is still a very important player for the team.
The club has already signed two players for this transfer window:
* Alvaro Morata from Valencia;
* Dani Alves from Atletico.
However, the main thing is that the players will join the club for a very reasonable price, which is around €100 million.

The main thing for the Catalonians is to get a good player who can replace Lionel Messi. Barcelona is the only team that can do this, as Messi is not able to play in the Champions League.
It is clear that the team needs a new striker, as the team has a number problems. Messi scored a lot of goals, but he is not the best player in the team, as Neymar is.
Will Messi leave Barcelona?
The Argentinean has a contract with the club, which will end in 2021. Messi is the best scorer in the world, but there are many other players who can play in his place.
In the last season, Messi was the main star of the team and the club was able to win the Champions Cup. Now the club needs to replace the Argentinean, who is not only the best in the league, but also in the history of the tournament.
There are rumors that Messi could leave the team in the future, but this is not true. The club needs a good striker, who can score goals, as well as a number 10.
Messi is the leader of the club but he can be replaced by someone else. The team needs to find a good replacement for Messi, who will be able to do the job for the next season.
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Main Transfer Targets of Barcelona
Barça has a lot to do in the upcoming season. The main transfer target of the Catalan club is Neymar.
This year, the Brazilian scored a few goals, which the club needed. The problem is that he is a bit expensive for the current season. However, the club can still make a good profit.
One of the main transfers that the Catalonian club can make is the signing of Morata. The Valencia player is a good midfielder, who has already played for the Spanish team. He is able to fill the position of the number 10 in the current team. The cost of the player is around 100 million. The Catalan club has a good opportunity to make a profit, as it can sign a number 11.
Another transfer that the Catalan team can do is the acquisition of a striker. Messi was not able last season to play the position that he was able score the most.
If the club does not make a big transfer, then it will be difficult to get the desired result.
Where to find the latest information on the team?
Barceloneta is a very good club, but it is not always easy to follow its results. You can always find the results of the Catalunya in the website that provides information on sports events.
Now, the team is in a good shape, as there are no problems with the participation in the Spanish championship. The players have a good game, which allows them to win important trophies.
At the same time, the situation in the domestic championship is not so good. The current season is not very successful for the Catalan. The results of Barcelona are not so impressive, as they are often not enough for the Champions Leagues.
Despite the fact that the season is still in the middle, the Catalan is confident that they will be in the top 4 in the near future.
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The team has been in the championship for a few seasons now, and it has already managed to get into the Champions league zone. Now it is necessary to win a number in the Europa League, which Barcelona has already won.
After the Champions cup, the next step is the Europa league. The Catalonias are in a very strong position, as their main competitors are Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
Real Madrid has a very difficult season, as many of its players are not in the best shape. The situation with the Spanish national team is also not the strongest, as Madrid has not been able to qualify for the World Cup.
But the Catalona is a strong team, which can be a real contender for the title.
They have a lot in the transfer market, as can be seen on the site of sports results.
Latest news on Barcelona
The Catalonas have a number advantages over their main rivals. The most important of them are:
1. Good selection of players. The squad of the Spanish club has been playing for a number years now, which gives the team a good selection of performers.
2. Good coaching skills. The coach of the Barcelona team is Ernesto Valverde, who was the head coach of Real Madrid.

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